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Daredevil Gets Another Sly Motion In Spider-Man 2

Image Source: Alexander Tolstykh @ Shutterstock

Insomniac’s Spider-Man trilogy has been subtly dropping hints about Daredevil’s existence. In the inaugural game, collectors could find a nod to Nelson and Murdoch’s law firm tucked away in a backpack. Daredevil’s lair, Hell’s Kitchen, even made an appearance. Although Spider-Man 2 lacks these blatant references, a sly nod to Daredevil sneaks in during one of the missions.

Peter Parker, upon completing all of the Missions coined as “Marko’s Memories”, finds himself watching over Keemia’s residence. Fearing that Kraven’s antics have trumped Flint Marko’s rehabilitation efforts, Peter considers reaching out to “some lawyer friends” for assistance.

In Peter’s current life stage, we wouldn’t expect him to have much legal trouble. His Spider-Man identity remains secret, and J. Jonah Jameson’s smear campaign hasn’t disturbed his near-immunity to the law.

Spider-Man’s world teems with lawyers – Foggy Nelson, Jennifer Walters, and other less-known characters. The most prominent, however, is Matt Murdoch – also recognized as Daredevil. In comic lore, Murdoch and Spidey share a deep comradeship.

Removing Murdoch’s law firm from Hell’s Kitchen wasn’t an accidental decision. Coupled with the backpack Easter egg, it hints at a potential collaboration between Peter and Matt. Peter’s remark about “some lawyer friends” might be referring to the business card or a friendship cultivated between the first game and its sequel.

The next big release from Insomniac is ‘Marvel’s Wolverine’, a game expected to present some connections with Spider-Man. Mentions of Madripoor and a Wolverine suit being worn by Miles provide glimpses of these links. However, an Insomniac game focusing on Daredevil would likely send fans into a frenzy of excitement.

Image Source: Alexander Tolstykh @ Shutterstock

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