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    Countdown to Modern Warfare 3’s Online Modes Including Zombies

    Image Source: Scump @ YouTube

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    The much-anticipated Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 is set to expand with its forthcoming online functionalities. For those eager to engage in multiplayer battles or survive waves of zombies, the wait is almost at an end. Find out exactly when you’ll be able to join in the online action on various platforms such as PC, PlayStation, and Xbox.

    Don’t forget to delve into the early access MW3 campaign presentably to claim all of the exclusive campaign incentives. Although it may not be the most iconic narrative within the franchise – with criticisms pointing to its brevity and resemblance to Warzone’s PvE mode – it remains an adventure worth embarking on, especially if you’re in line to purchase the game. The saga, featuring Captain Price once more, can be completed in a proximate span of four hours.

    Despite a rather lukewarm reception for the single-player campaign, numerous Call of Duty enthusiasts maintain that their primary interest lies in the multiplayer experience. If you fall into this group, you’ll be thrilled to learn that the online multiplayer will become accessible within a day.

    MW3 Multiplayer and Zombies Debut Dates

    The grand debut for the MW3 multiplayer and zombies gameplay is slated for November 9th/10th, depending on your geographic location. This is applicable to PlayStation, Xbox, and PC, with Activision confirming the dates in their detailed specs and PC trailer announcement. Furthermore, the early access campaign was released on November 3rd for console players who pre-ordered the cross-gen bundle, and on PC for those who opted for the Standard edition.

    Before the online launch, gamers have the opportunity to preload the complete game on their preferred platform. Preloading does require a pre-order, which grants access to the early campaign for those who chose either the cross-gen bundle or the Standard edition. Gamers can also consider the Vault edition, available for £99.99/$99.99 on the PSN store, which includes a variety of extras:

    • Modern Warfare 3 for PS4 and PS5/Xbox One and Series X/S
    • Prior Campaign Access
    • Lockpick Operator Ensemble
    • Soul Harvester Weapon Blueprint
    • Nemesis Operator Kit
    • Two Weapon Vaults
    • BlackCell (1 Season)
    • An extra 30 Tier Skips

    Launch Times for MW3’s Multiplayer

    The official launch times for MW3 multiplayer are set for 9 PM PT on November 9th and 12 AM ET/ 5 AM GMT on November 10th. These times are for PC users accessing the game through Steam or For console players on PlayStation and Xbox, there is a staggered release timetable that goes from 3 AM PT to 10 PM PT on November 9th. According to insights from CharlieIntel, this means a local midnight launch for most regions on November 10th except in North America where players can launch the game at 9 PM PT on November 9th.

    These particular launch schedules are courtesy of the official Call of Duty Twitter feed. Due to the staggered console releases, the early access tactic using New Zealand time will apply to Xbox users. Furthermore, some have managed to access the MW3 multiplayer in an offline local setting prior to the official online launch.

    Release Timing for MW3 Multiplayer on PC in US

    • November 9th at 9 PM PT
    • November 10th at 12 AM ET

    UK Release Timing for MW3 Multiplayer on PC

    • November 10th at 5 AM GMT

    US Release Schedule for MW3 Multiplayer on PS5 and Xbox

    • November 9th at 9 PM PT
    • November 10th at 12 AM ET

    UK Release Schedule for MW3 Multiplayer on PS5 and Xbox

    • November 10th at 12 AM GMT

    While players can enjoy multiplayer and zombies on November 10th, Season 1 is slated to launch later in December. The initial maps and locations for gameplay have been confirmed, and information regarding the inclusion of skill-based matchmaking has been clarified.

    Image Credit: Scump via YouTube

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