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Community Showed Nagative Reactions Over Glitch In Madden 24’s Kicking System

Image Source: Sharaf Maksumov @ShutterStock

The gaming community is currently expressing dismay over a problematic incident in Madden 24 involving a misfiring kick. Despite being a punter, the player executed what appeared to be a faultless attempt on a short field goal—only for the ball to veer off drastically, missing the goalposts. This error has not gone unnoticed by players who expected better.

A Kicking Debacle in Madden 24 Spurs Debate Among Gamers

In a video circling on Reddit, a Madden 24 gamer demonstrates a well-executed 33-yard field goal kick—standard fare in the NFL. The gamer hit all the right moves: ample power, proper direction, and on-target accuracy within a slim margin. However, in a baffling turn, the ball skewed right of the posts by a good 15 yards.

Feedback on the clip varied. A handful of users noted the kicker’s punting background, yet many agreed that such an error was inconceivable. User u/SpastikPenguin observed, “Real-life punters could certainly fare better on a field goal. Doug Flutie managed to kick one, after all.”

An additional point raised by the post-initiator was the recent acquisition of a well-rated kicker, questioning why anyone but the designated kicker would attempt the goal. This indicates the issue might be more systemic, involving player assignments in the team lineup resulting in a punter taking the kicker’s role.

“Most punters have a background as kickers from their college or high school days, and could easily make a 30-yard kick without mishaps,” commented user u/PepsiOrCokeOk. Other community members spotlighted the importance of accuracy and power in the game, arguing for realistic results based on player commands.

User u/luciusetrur humorously suggested a deliberately missed kick, saying, “That miss was so blatant, you’d think the kicker was bribed but didn’t bother to conceal it.” While u/TallWindow6346 remarked, “There was no curve; the kicker just booted it right. No way the wind played a part. Clearly, something’s off.” Instances of similar errors occurring even with correct kicker placement point towards the possibility of an in-game bug.

Our own experience in Madden confirmed peculiarities, notably the kick direction line’s absence on field goal tries, hinting at a potential coding glitch needing a fix from EA.

Discontent is rife within the Madden fanbase following these events. To keep up with Madden updates, including the latest Team of the Week, the full Angry Runs set, and Zero Chill, stay tuned.

Image Source: Sharaf Maksumov @ShutterStock

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