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    Closure Announcement for Tango Gameworks’ Hero Dice

    Tango Gameworks has announced the impending shutdown of its strategy mobile game, Hero Dice, just months after its release in March. The game has already stopped offering in-app purchases, and it’s slated for full closure on August 31st.

    Considering it had a lifespan of merely five months, this news brings a tinge of disappointment, especially since the studio’s director, Shinji Mikami, has shown interest in exploring various game genres.

    Previously in March, during an interview with the gaming magazine Famitsu, Mikami shared his aspirations beyond the horror niche for Tango Gameworks—famed for their recent release, Ghostwire: Tokyo. Mikami stated:

    “My ambition is to shift the perception of Tango Gameworks. Right now, our identity is intertwined with survival horror. It’s flattering to be acknowledged for our proficiency in this genre. However, our vision is to be recognized as a versatile studio capable of delivering an array of gaming experiences.”

    While the studio excels at creating horror experiences—propelled by the legendary status of Shinji Mikami himself—Hero Dice represented a notable divergence as a board game-inspired hero combat title. Unfortunately, it did not achieve lasting success.

    Ghostwire: Tokyo didn’t reach the heights of a classic horror game, but it distinguished itself with its unique elements. As I mentioned in my review for VideoGamer:

    “The most enjoyable experience in Ghostwire: Tokyo for me was scaling its buildings and soaring above its tribulations. The game seems to imply that this is the very escape everyone is seeking.”

    Image Source: Givemesport

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