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AyaNeo Reveals Cutting-Edge Retro Mini PC, The AM02, Featuring Remarkable Upgrades

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The cutting-edge tech company AyaNeo has revealed their newest creation in the world of compact computing: the AM02 Retro Mini PC. Set to hit the market towards the end of February, this much-anticipated device arrives hot on the heels of its predecessor, the AM01, which made its debut just last year. The AM02 advances the game with a significant boost to its specifications and sports a fresh design that echoes the iconic Super Nintendo Entertainment System, moving away from the previous model’s nod to vintage Macintosh computers.

The core of the AM02’s impressive capabilities is its AMD Ryzen 7 7840HS processor. Buyers can select between 16GB and 32GB configurations of cutting-edge DDR5 RAM. Storage solutions range from a sizeable 512GB up to 1TB, and for those who enjoy customizing their tech, AyaNeo offers a ‘barebones’ version perfect for enthusiasts keen on projects like building NAS devices or experimenting with custom software.

As a personal testament, the AM01 has served as my trusty main computer for a considerable period. While you wait for our comprehensive review, it’s worth mentioning that it generally falls behind other mini PCs in terms of performance for its price range. However, the AM02 steps up to address this by offering enhanced performance, instantly making the AM01 look somewhat outdated.

The inclusion of the AMD Ryzen 7 7840HS paired with rapid 5200MHz DDR5 RAM means that users can anticipate a stark improvement in game-playing capabilities. While the former generation might struggle with the latest game releases, the AM02 boasts an onboard AMD Radeon 780M graphics processor that incorporates the latest RDNA 3 architecture, placing even demanding titles like Elden Ring and Baldur’s Gate 3 within reach. Moreover, its updated exterior design helps it to shake off the AM01’s Mac-like style.

Appealing to a blend of contemporary performance needs and a sense of bygone gaming nostalgia, the AM02 distinguishes itself with both state-of-the-art inner workings and a vintage aesthetic reminiscent of the beloved SNES. Additionally, this mini PC surprises with a 4-inch touchscreen that serves a dual purpose as both a system monitor and interactive control panel.

The AM02 is eyeing a February release, with an active IndieGogo campaign currently underway to fuel its launch.

With a price range of $499 to $799, the cost of the AM02 will depend on the specific hardware configuration chosen by the consumer.

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