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ARK: Survival Ascended Faces Onslaught Of Negative Steam Reviews Over Performance Woes

Image Source: nikkimeel / Shutterstock

The newly released ARK Survival Ascended, which is in the early access stage, is facing substantial performance issues. This has led to a surge in negative reviews for ARK Survival Ascended on Steam, as users complain about poor FPS and frequent game crashes.

The precursor, ARK Survival Evolved, enjoyed immense popularity, selling 2 million copies while in the early access era – eventually becoming an industry sensation. We are eagerly awaiting the next installment, ARK 2, starring Vin Diesel. However, the release has been pushed to the closing of 2024, so it’ll still be a year before we can test it out.

Meant to satiate the thirst for the ARK sequel, ARK Survival Ascended has unfortunately fallen short of expectations, given its current shoddy condition.

Excessive Negative Steam Reviews For ARK Survival Ascended Due To Performance Difficulties

Available on Steam for £37.99/$44.99, ARK Survival Ascended, despite being an early access game, has received a lukewarm reception on the Valve store based on over 1,500 reviews. This includes countless negative ones, with even the positive reviews having a hint of sarcasm. Various users complain about the game’s poor performance on high-end systems. A negative review has an RTX 4090, i9 13900K user lamenting about only achieving 30-45 FPS at 1440p, while another describes their dissatisfaction with achieving only 50fps on low settings using an RTX 3080.

Another player ironically praises the developers for successfully recreating the original game’s performance issues, pointing out their high-end system featuring a ‘RTX3070 ti + Ryzen 5600X’ is unable to handle the game even at the lowest settings. Some players used sarcasm to express their disappointment, with one stating that the ‘game crashes every time I get to character creation,’ while another reminded it ‘feels like 2015 all over again,’ referencing the ‘poor frame rates and characters phasing into the ground’. An interesting spin for ARK Survival Ascended was suggested in this review: ARK PowerPoint.

The frustration extends to the ARK subreddit, where fans express dissatisfaction over the early-release version’s low FPS performance. A fan on Reddit mentions they are refunding their ASA purchase as they could run ASE on near-max settings without fault, but the performance dips significantly on ASA even after disabling all the new features.

In spite of its early access tag, hopefully, the upcoming patches and fixes will improve the game’s performance. The full release, with the following UE5 enabled modes, is not anticipated before the end of 2024:

  • Survival of the Fittest (Battle Royale)
  •  Scorched Earth
  •  Aberration
  •  Extinction
  •  Genesis Part 1
  •  Genesis Part 2

In other gaming-related news, the upcoming Fortnite season will feature a massive live event, with significant gameplay leaks hinting at a return to the original map accompanied by zip lines.

Image Source: nikkimeel / Shutterstock

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