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    Anticipated Release Window For The Next Helldivers 2 Update

    Image Source: Helldivers Official Store @ Steam

    You’re likely here to find out when the upcoming Helldivers 2 update is scheduled to release. Helldivers 2 has quickly become an immense hit, especially as a PlayStation original game that’s made significant strides on Steam since its release earlier this week.

    Despite its warm reception, the game hasn’t been immune to technical complications. Players have experienced difficulties, particularly with the Quickplay function, online multiplayer sessions with pals, as well as severe crashes related to certain graphics cards.

    The good news is the diligent Arrowhead team is fully aware of these issues and is actively working on resolutions. So, you might be curious about when these updates will arrive as patches. We aim to provide you with the latest updates using the information at hand.

    Anticipated Release Window for the Next Helldivers 2 Update

    According to a recent announcement on the Arrowhead Helldivers 2 Support page, a patch aimed at refining Crossplay was launched for PC users on February 8. Moreover, the support page indicates an imminent patch for PlayStation gamers, expected within ‘four hours’ as of 4 PM UK time on February 9.

    This means that PlayStation users can look forward to the new patch around 8 PM UK time on February 9. As the game settles, additional updates are predicted throughout the following week, and we’ll be sure to keep you updated on the next patch. Stay tuned for the latest news and updates.

    Ongoing Issues in Helldivers 2 Under Active Resolution

    The Helldivers 2 Support team has outlined a number of high-priority concerns they are currently tackling.

    The game’s deputy game director extended a message to the community, expressing gratitude for their patience:

    “Hi all, Sagar here, the Deputy Game Director for Helldivers 2. I acknowledge that several issues have been significantly disrupting your gaming experience. In this update, I wish to shed light on some of the urgent problems we’re facing, the current status of our understanding, and potential workarounds. (Please note that this list isn’t comprehensive; our team is tracking and working on additional issues as well.)

    We are fully conscious of the severity of these problems and the frustration they cause. Rest assured, we’re committed to resolving these issues. Our goal is to have you rejoin the fight for the galaxy, securing one planet at a time.

    A heartfelt thanks for your contribution to nurturing a fun, engaging Helldivers community. Your involvement makes a world of difference to us. Every shared video of an unexpected Hellbomb detonation, each surprise 4-minute extraction, and every time a Bile Titan defeats you, it brings joy to our team.”

    To dive deeper into the game, explore our comprehensive list of Helldivers 2 best stratagems to effectively obliterate your foes. Make sure to check out our guide on Helldivers 2 server status, ‘Is Helldivers 2 down? How to check maintenance and server status’, to stay informed on any server interruptions and expected recovery times.

    Image Source: Helldivers Official Store @ Steam

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