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Announcement: “The Imaginary” Film Premiere Date Confirmed

Image Source: The Imaginary – Official Trailer (2) (Studio Ponoc) / YouTube

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Curious about when “The Imaginary” movie will hit theaters? This charming new film, titled “The Imaginary” and directed by Yoshiyuki Momose, is inspired by the book penned by A.F Harrold and visually brought to life with illustrations by Emily Gravett.

For anime aficionados, particularly those with a penchant for anime-inspired games, why not check out prep steps for Honkai Star Rail 1.5 or discover the finest weapons for Xiangling? Film enthusiasts are surely keen to find out the premiere date of “The Imaginary.”

When will “The Imaginary” Movie be released?

The eagerly awaited “Yaneura no Rudger,” also known as “The Imaginary,” will premiere on December 15, 2023, in Japanese theaters, and is set to debut globally in 2024. Known for producing enchanting tales for children such as “Mary and the Witch’s Flower” and “Tomorrow’s Leaves,” Studio Ponoc is the creative force behind this new movie. “The Imaginary” promises to deliver a fusion of timeless charm with a contemporary visual flair with its exquisite, traditionally animated artwork complemented by hand-painted backdrops.

Studio Ponoc’s artistic endeavor is highlighted by a freshly revealed theme song from A Great Big World with Rachel Platten, titled “Nothing’s Impossible,” penned and composed by Ian Axel and Chad Vaccarino. As the premiere date for “The Imaginary” gradually approaches, anticipation is mounting among anime circles.

Plot Synopsis: What is “The Imaginary” About?

“The Imaginary” narrates the compelling tale of Rudger, an unseen and intangible young boy. Rudger emerges from the imagination of Amanda Shuffleup, a girl grappling with the loss of her affection. However, just like many other figments of imagination, Amanda’s maturation and the intrusion of the real world threatens to erase her memory of Rudger.

The fate of forgotten Imaginaries is to vanish, but Rudger might evade this grim destiny. The forgotten can find solace and camaraderie in a sanctuary known as the Town of Imaginaries.

Confronted by the dangerous Mr. Bunting, a hunter of Imaginary beings, Rudger embarks on a desperate journey to reconnect with Amanda before the specter of being forgotten becomes a reality, all while eluding the clutches of Mr. Bunting.

Image Source: “The Imaginary” – Official Trailer (2) (Studio Ponoc) / YouTube

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