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All You Should Know About The Alan Wake Chapter 30.5 Release Date

Image Source: rafapress / Shutterstock

Dead By Daylight consistently ranks as a top contender in the realm of multiplayer experiences, in part due to its impactful partnerships. The past year was a treat, and we anticipate the excitement to continue into 2024. Although Chapter 31 is set for a March release, we’re getting a special preview with the upcoming mid-chapter 30.5. Here are the details on the anticipated arrival of DBD Chapter 30.5 and the debut of the new survivor, Alan Wake.

Chapter 30 marked a remarkable point in Dead By Daylight’s storyline, ushering in the notorious Chucky as a killer and introducing a third-person point of view. While no additional killers or survivors have been disclosed following January, rumors of another partnership with Stranger Things are stirring, especially since the franchise made a resurgence in Dead By Daylight in 2023.

There’s enthusiasm for an array of new and iconic licensed slayers throughout the year. Among them, we’re set to welcome new survivor Alan Wake in DBD Chapter 30.5.

Release Date for Dead By Daylight Chapter 30.5

The much-anticipated date for Dead By Daylight Chapter 30.5 and the entry of Alan Wake is slated for January 30th, as officially announced by Behaviour Interactive on the DBD site’s Alan Wake page.

Mid-chapter 30.5 isn’t just bringing Alan Wake into the fold; it also comes packed with enhancements and modifications, as outlined in the DBD 2024 roadmap:

  • Improvements in gameplay and user experience:
    • An FOV slider for better visual customization
    • A solution to the 3-generator standoff issue
  • Updates for certain killers: 
    • Adjustments to The Onryo
    • Changes to The Hillbilly
    • New Blight add-ons
  • Revisions to various perks: 
    • Modifications to “Save the Best for Last”
    • Tweaks to “Grim Embrace”
    • Changes to “Quick Gambit”
    • Updates to “Shadowborn”
    • Adjustments to “Monitor & Abuse”

Launch Schedule for DBD Chapter 30.5 and Alan Wake

The countdown to the launch of DBD Chapter 30.5 and the Alan Wake survivor ends at 8 AM PT / 11 AM ET / 4 PM GMT on January 30th.

Following the Public Test Build launch on January 9th, Behaviour Interactive has showcased Alan Wake’s perks and abilities, which include:

  • Champion of Light: A perk that gains effect while wielding a flashlight. It boosts your speed while shining the flashlight and impedes the Killer’s movement when you manage to blind them. This ability has a cooldown period to prevent rapid reuse.
  • Boon: Illumination: This ability allows you to bless a totem which then reveals the location of crucial items and objectives to your teammates.
  • Deadline: An injured status leads to more frequent and randomly placed Skill Checks, paired with a reduced penalty for errors.

Dead By Daylight Chapter 30.5 U.S. Release Times

  • 8 AM PT on Tuesday, January 30th
  • 11 AM ET on Tuesday, January 30th

UK Launch Time for Alan Wake

  • 4 PM GMT on Tuesday, January 30th

Pricing for DBD’s Alan Wake

The release of Dead By Daylight’s Chapter 30.5 featuring the Alan Wake survivor will be accessible at a wallet-friendly price of $4.99 or 500 Auric Cells. This is a bargain compared to typical DLC releases, as this package comprises solely a new survivor without an additional map or killer.

Available across PlayStation, Xbox, PC, and the Nintendo Switch, Dead By Daylight continues to capture the heart of gamers. Meanwhile, the gaming world buzzes with the leaked information about the early 2024 State of Play for PS4 and PS5.

Image Source: rafapress / Shutterstock

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