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Alan Wake 2 Receives Latest Update: Improved PC Gameplay Stability for Enhanced Performance

Image Source: Miguel Lagoa @ShutterStock

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The debut of Alan Wake 2, the much-anticipated follow-up to the 2010 classic, garnered high praise for its captivating story and heart-pounding action. Nevertheless, the PC release wasn’t without its faults, as performance issues were a common point of contention. However, the good news for fans is that Remedy Entertainment has swiftly tackled these issues with their most recent update, allowing you to delve into the eerie saga of the troubled novelist more smoothly than ever before.

Better performance also translates into an easier time unearthing all the hidden delights of Alan Wake 2, such as the well-hidden lunchboxes and secretive Cult Stashes. For those interested in the finer details of the update, the developers have stated in their patch notes that they have “resolved framerate and graphical disturbances that occurred with Nvidia DLSS Frame Generation when transitioning from in-game video to active gameplay.”

This update isn’t just limited to the PC, as PS5 players also benefit from enhanced performance in certain parts of the game. Below, you can delve into the full extent of the improvements made in the Alan Wake 2 update.

Detailed Overview of Alan Wake 2 Update 12

Global Enhancements

  • Players can now move certain objects that may block progress by simply walking into them.
  • Addressed the control lock experienced by the player when loading saves during enemy encounters.
  • Solved a vanishing issue with the “Father” doll from the Nursery Rhyme if misplaced and a game is saved afterward.
  • Fixed a glitch causing failure in obtaining an Achievement/Trophy due to inaccessible Drowned videos.
  • Auto-aim malfunction during submerged enemy encounters using the Flashlight has been rectified.
  • Addressed a bug preventing Saga from harming concealed foes after deploying a flare.
  • Crossbow misfire due to switching weapons quickly has been amended.
  • Resolved an Echo not resetting when leaving the area.
  • The Dark Veil effect now correctly appears in Cynthia’s boss battle following a checkpoint reload.
  • Activated a previously non-triggering Wake insight at Caldera Street station.
  • Corrected game state preservation issues triggered during the Writer’s Room elevator sequence.
  • Stopped premature notifications related to the availability of Koskela brother’s ads.
  • Fixed an issue with Alan climbing next to ladders instead of using them while also interacting with doors.
  • Enhanced the visibility of conversation prompts outside the Nursing Home.
  • Post-Summoning boss fight, only Saga has the ability to gather crossbow bolts.
  • Improved zoom capabilities within Dioramas, Cultist stashes, Nursery Rhymes, and the Map.
  • Optimized memory to maintain more lifeless foes on screen, increasing immersion and creepiness.
  • Players can now skip the Alice documentary.
  • Corrected various spelling mistakes throughout the game.
  • (PC) Overhauled the GPU crash dialogue for improved clarity and understanding for non-developers.
  • (PC) Resolved issues with incorrect rendering resolutions when toggling between full screen and windowed mode.

Performance Tweaks

  • (PC) Addressed Nvidia DLSS Frame Generation-related performance and visual glitches in the transition between live-video and gameplay.
  • (PlayStation 5 Performance Mode) Streamlined performance when navigating the Nursing Home staircases back and forth.
  • (PlayStation 5 Performance Mode) Overall improved streaming performance, especially near the Oceanview Hotel’s room 666 corridors.

Animation and Visual Refinements

  • General lighting and visual polish.
  • Rectified animations for holstering Alan’s flashlight when injured.
  • Resolved an occasional absence of flashlight yet still triggering holstering animations.
  • Smoothed out weapon change animations when Alan is in the healing process.
  • Shortened overly extended forward dodge animations.
  • Saga’s animation loop fixed when combat interrupts manuscript collection.

Audio Adjustments

  • Supplemented missing VO audio for French and Japanese versions.
  • Fixed synchronization issues with audio for in-game videos, including various ads, insights, and other narratives.
  • General audio enhancements.

User Interface (UI) Improvements

  • Fine-tuned selection within far-right inventory items.
  • Prevented loss of items due to stacking errors within the Shoebox.
  • Addressed OCD UI icon persistence in the Mind Place.
  • Included a “Restore to Default” function within Control Key Customization options.
  • Bettered brightness calibration interface.
  • Comprehensive UI refinements.

Case Board Adjustments

  • Fixed the restricted Case Board access for Saga outside of Profiling sequences.
  • Perfected the automated placement of solved clues onto the Case Board.
  • Corrected the placement of the Bright Falls photo on the Case Board.

Mission-Specific Changes


  • Paused interactions during the unfolding dialogue at the Nightingale murder scene.
  • Resolved an issue preventing Saga from picking up a pistol in the morgue after extended delays.
  • Shortened the Nightingale boss fight when “The heart! Where is it?” dialogue comes into play.
  • Increased resource allocation during the Nightingale fight for improved player support.


  • Fixed a progression-blocking bug where defeating Mulligan and Thornton wouldn’t initiate the end scene.


  • Resolved a communication breakdown between Saga and agent Estevez regarding the plan’s execution.
  • Fixed a missed call scenario with Tor which could prevent acquisition of evidence and hinder mission progression.
  • Addressed protracted conversations with Estevez upon exiting the Sheriff’s Station.


  • Enhanced loot drops from Alex Casey with a greater chance of two-handed weapon ammo for Saga.
  • Rectified disappearance of a light array in the Scratch fight when interaction is prematurely released.
  • Added extra ammo for Alan Wake’s portion of the mission, easing the journey to the parking lot.


  • Resolved issues with the Plot Board operations.

To dive into the full details of these Alan Wake 2 changes, check out the complete patch notes on Remedy Entertainment’s official blog. If you’re in need of assistance while navigating the gripping and mysterious world of Alan Wake 2, our guides on finding the Lighthouse key, unlocking the Sheriff’s Station shotgun code, and deciphering the Witchfinder’s Station computer password might be just what you’re looking for.

Image Source: Miguel Lagoa @ShutterStock

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